Women are often denoted as the ‘weaker sect’ of the society, which is not true. History and legends have witnessed women who were aggressive warriors and have ruled kingdoms efficiently combating threats and wars arising from enemy rulers. However, the society being male-dominated, women were not free from ill-treatments. There were various practices suppressing women empowerment kindled by the male chauvinistic society.
Over time, these practices have reduced yet not completely eradicated and hence can observe various sexual assaults on women. It is important for the stricter laws to be observed to overcome these mistreatments. Also, men have to be educated on treating women equally and compassionately.
But are these going to provide permanent solutions to the harassment happening on women? Is it good to always depend on others for protection? No, however the laws are stringent and education is bias-free, there are morons trying to sexually molest women.
Under these circumstances, only self-defense will free her out of jeopardy. Hence it is essential for every woman to learn self-defense to protect her and her life from forbidden, life threatening circumstances.
The major and recurrent crime happening on women these days is sexual assault or rape. The statistics shows that these crimes are perpetuated, not necessarily, on women travelling or living alone, that too by acquainted men. Hence self-defense is the ‘need’ for every woman.
What is self-defense?
Self-defense is the act of protecting oneself from harmful, life threatening incidents either with or without the use of weapons. Although you have the rights to save you from harm, the use of weapons is still a debatable issue in legal platform.
According to Crazy88MMA Self-defense can be classified in two types, such as

  • Involving weapons or armed

Whatever weapons you chose for self-defense ensure you know the operation of it during crisis situation. Also beware of the legal implications involving the usage of weapons in self-defense, in your geography.

  • Unarmed or Self-defense Combat

The unarmed version of self-defense is practiced in various martial arts where you can even defeat an armed opponent. These involve vigorous training and self-discipline.
Martial arts and self-defense for women
Not every time you will have the chance to pounce on sharp, defending objects like knives to save your life. Under such scary scenarios, only the knowledge of self-defense combat will come to the rescue. The alarming rise in molestations over women has seeded the idea of learning martial arts for self-defense combat. 
Not only women, these days even little girl kids are not spared and hence it is a best practice to empower our girl child with self-defense. This can only be achieved by introducing martial arts that teach self-defense at younger age.
The following are the few salient martial arts that focus on self-defense.

  • KravMaga

This Israel originated self-combat technique, teaches one to defend against both armed and unarmed opponents. The techniques followed here are the combination of various other martial arts like boxing, wrestling, judo etc. With the ultimate focus on self-defense, it also teaches how to look for escape routes and further possible attacks, if any and modify your combat style accordingly.

  • MMA

This hybrid style martial art comprises techniques from various other significant styles of martial arts and hence bound to deliver an effective, thunderous attack on the opponents.

  • Brazilian –Jujitsu

This style of martial art is based on ground-fighting where it teaches that, the opponents, however huge and strong, will collapse when taken to the ground. The major disadvantage of this martial art with respect to self-defense is it is not effective over multiple opponents.

  • Tae Kwon Do

This popular Korean form of martial art emphasizes on kicking and punching form of attack. This is suited well for women as devastating kicks can collapse the opponent and dissolve the threatening situation.
Fitness and Self-defense
However, different martial arts help to defend you in crisis situation, maintaining fitness is the key factor for learning these. Your general fitness observance plays a vital role in self-defense. Learning any martial arts may be easier, yet if it is not practiced persistently then it will not serve the purpose.
Staying fit requires lots of determination and practice. Also clean eating habits are essential. Fitness can be achieved by following simple, yet, effective activities like walking, running, swimming, cycling etc. However,by hitting gym and performing core-strength training exercises will strengthen your muscle power making you enduring.
With the help of professional instructors, you can observe various critical trainings focusing and physical and mental strength. We should always remember without observing fitness, whatever combats learned or mastered will fail over time. Hence our ultimate goal is to stay fit and strong!