We are a proud ‘martial arts academy’ focusing on women empowerment through self-defending combats. Our motto is ‘Believe in your woman power’ which emphasizes every woman to believe in her inner strength.
Women are victims of harassment and hence we concentrate on teaching woman about the strength gainedby practicing martial arts to self-defend. Your opponent may be with or without weapons, yet self-defense combat skills of martial arts will render you strong and fearless.
We are proud to portray ourselves as ‘the all women training academy’. Though we are eager to teach men choosing our service, our prime, paramount focus is on empowering women by teaching self-defense skills.
Along with self-defense, learning martial arts helps you to stay fit and healthy.
Benefits of learning
We offer various programs depending upon different age groups of women. The benefits of these programs are,

  1. Increased self-confidence
  2. Self-defense in any threatening situation
  3. Improved physical fitness.

Services offered
The following martial arts are taught to self-defense oneself, such as,

  1. KravMaga
  2. Karate
  3. Brazilian-Jujitsu
  4. Tae Kwon Do

All our instructors are well trained certified professionals. Learning from women instructors can simplify things, as the threat situation is well understood by both the instructor and the trainee. You can also discuss freely with the instructors as they can relate very well to your condition.
Apart from physical sessions, various workshops are conducted in which eminent women martial art teachers render their enlightening speech constituting their real life experiences with self-defense combat. You can interact with them to educate and empower yourself on necessary issues related to self-defense and martial arts.
We offer flexible class schedules over weekdays and weekends. Also we are proud to offer online training for those unable to learn from us in person, because, distance should never be a hindrance for learning self-defense. So get empowered by joining us!